Micro Coaxial Cable

RF Coaxial Cable

RG 174, 178, 188, 316, 405, etc

Micro Coaxial Cable


Micro Coaxial Cable is suitable for using in high speed signal.

The features of small size and flexibility are excellent and limited space of devices. Such as medical equipment, telecommunication etc.




Digital Still cameras

Video/Audio equipment

Medical equipment

Lighting equipment

Wrist Watch

Broadcast equipment

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N-Type Female Bulkhead

B N C Bulkhead

Assembly with Ferrite core

M C X   R/A

SMA Bulkhead


Micro coaxial cable with shield

T=0.40mm Dia

Min window for shield grounding

Semi-regid series cable

Semi-flexible series cable

End cut with shield grounding


Short length cutting

Shape Forming

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